How to Use Our Lights




The Components


The Light Module

The Daylight temperature, 5000K Modules can easily move along the LUMIRAIL, allowing for nearly infinite positioning. Modules can be easily  added or removed to provide a truly customized lighting solution.



The 24V LUMIRAIL is designed for efficiency, durability and low profile look. Crafted from an aluminum extrusion, these rails provide the right amount of strength, while remaining light weight. The inset steel rails allow the unique magnetic Light Modules to stay in position.



Q: Which model is right for me? 

A: This is completely up to you! Our best suggestion is to decide whether you prefer a floor model or a table top option. Keep in mind all of our products are very easy to travel with due to their portability, light weight, and ability to pack up compactly. For this reason, a great light to begin with is the Niche Light. After you have your first light kit, you can always purchase just the stands/bases of other models if you decide you want more options in the future.


Q: The light modules look small, is two really enough?

A: This is our most frequently asked question… and the answer 80% of the time is YES! Don’t let the size fool you, there is a light of light output. Although the light modules are small in size, they are MIGHTY! That being said, there are plenty of artists that prefer to be thoroughly prepared for all circumstances and enjoy the customization option of having 3-4 modules.


Q: Do the light modules attach to anything magnetic?

A: No- they don’t! The light modules are specifically designed to work in conjunction with our LUMIRAILS only.  We have been asked if these will light up being attached to the refrigerator. Although we agree that would be awesome, unfortunately it’s not possible!


Q: How do your lights compare to the other brands?

A: What a great question! However, when it comes to lighting specs, this can be a very broad question as well. Without getting too deep into detail, most people searching for this type of lighting have one particular thing in common- wanting “daylight” color temperature. We’re happy to report this is one thing a lot of us lighting companies have in common. As far as the other specs, be careful not to compare apples to oranges. If you have any specific questions on specs we are happy to explain, elaborate, and equip you with lighting knowledge so you can make an informed decision on which light is right for you!